We know what it is like wanting to help out in the community but not having enough time in the day. Life is busy and we often don’t have weekends off or if we do we only have a free hour or two, if that. Silverbackks understands this which is why we don’t ask you to volunteer for every project, every day.
Simply sign up, check out the Volunteer Opportunities box on the sidebar to the right, LIKE us on Facebook and follow on Twitter and when a volunteer opportunity arises we will publish all of the details about that event. You can also show your support for us by retweeting and sharing our posts to help spread the word!

No meetings or requirements.

No member fees.

No nonsense.

Sign up for our current volunteer opportunities HERE!

We have a wide variety of programs and volunteer opportunities available. Simply sign up for whatever fits your desire and your schedule, then show up to meet your commitment! No hassle, no guilt, you control your involvement. But we can promise if you sign up once, you will instantly be hooked and become one of our regulars!

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Silverbackks is a 501(c)3 organization.
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