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Bras are expensive. When a woman is faced with the decision of either feeding herself and her family or buying herself a new, properly fitted bra, she will never choose the bra over the food. For many women, putting on a bra every morning is just a natural part of getting set for the day; for others that is not the case. Imagine if you didn’t have a bra, or if your bra was two sizes too small or large? What would that do for your self-confidence? Imagine carrying the burden of poverty on top of all of that. It’s an unimaginable thought for most of us.

SilverBras helps girls and women of all ages with this dilemma. By partnering with other local non-profits, schools and healthcare providers, we are able to conduct outreach and help these women with their basic undergarment needs.

In addition to our year-round distribution through these partnerships, annually, we are proud to host the Uplifting Women Expo where women in our community gain access to needed undergarments, personal hygiene products and women’s healthcare resources.

Mailing Address:
PO Box 4156
Topeka, KS 66604

Silverbackks is a 501(c)3